About Implantable Therapies

Inland Pain Medicine offers Implantable Therapies  for patients with difficult to manage chronic pain. You may need a referral by your family doctor or specialist. You will have an assessment by a pain specialist for advanced interventional procedures.  Implantable Therapies include Spinal Cord Stimulation (also known as Neurostimulation Therapy) and drug delivery therapy (“pain pump”) are FDA-approved treatment options that have helped more than 400,000 people around the world manage their chronic pain. If you have more questions, please contact Medtronics at toll free (800) 328-0810 or (763) 505-500. Additional information is available on the web:

Post Injection and Post Surgery Instructions

Because no one knows your chronic pain like you do, you play an important role in the pain management process. Understanding your pain, communicating your needs, stating your expectations for reatment, and knowing your options will empower you to take action with the help of our providers. Below we have listed key post-op instructions in regards to your injection procedure or Medtronic implant surgery.


  1. We will provide you with a pain diary. Please utilize this to record your response and symptomology in the hours and days following your procedure. This will aid us in gauging your response and assessing which will be the next step in the treatment algorithm.
  2. Apply ice to the injection site as needed. Keep the area clean.
  3. Contact our office if you experience a severe increase in pain or fever following the procedure.
  4. Continue taking all pain and adjunctive medications as prescribed, unless directed otherwise by one of our providers.


  1. Perform activities as tolerated following surgery. Let pain be your guide.
  2. Please notify our office if you develop a fever or experience pain, drainage or redness at the implant site.
  3. Keep the incision site(s) clean and dry. Do not apply any creams to that area. You may shower following your post-op visit.
  4. Continue taking all pain and adjunctive medications as prescribed, unless directed otherwise by one of our providers.
  5. Maintain regular contact with your Medtronic representative. They are a great resource and may provide trouble shooting advice in regards to your Medtronic implant.
  6. For patients undergoing pain pump implantation, please be aware that you will begin receiving treatment as soon as your pump is filled with medication and the medication is delivered through the catheter to the specific site. However, depending on your medication, it may take several days to weeks before you experience benefits from your medication.

Pre-Op SCS and Pump

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