For many people who suffer from chronic pain, many traditional treatments simply do not work. Opioids are one of the most commonly prescribed treatments for chronic pain. Aside from developing a tolerance and physical addiction from opioid abuse, there can even be an increase in symptoms with increased use. Increasing the sensitivity to pain


The good news is, there are more and more studies documenting some very promising courses of treatment. Let’s look at three areas where today’s research is identifying the latest breakthroughs.



It was once thought that the best treatment for chronic pain was rest. It is clear that inactivity can lead to loss of range of motion, atrophy, and an increase in pain. Here are three reasons why exercise should be considered for patients who suffer from chronic pain.


Exercise Promotes Good Sleep

It’s no secret that many people who suffer from chronic pain also suffer from restless sleep or insomnia. Physical activity promotes deep and restful sleep. Allowing a patient’s body and mind to get the adequate rest to heal.


Exercise Strengthens Muscles

Atrophy of certain muscles from underuse can oftentimes lead to chronic pain. Exercising low back and stomach muscles, the core, can cause soreness. The long-term effects are reduced chronic pain. Patients may also experience improved posture and an increased desire to continue exercise therapy.


Exercise Releases Endorphins

One of the effects patients experience during exercise is the release of endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s hormonal response to activity. Endorphins decrease the sensation of pain. In some cases, patients get a natural high from increased levels of endorphins. Commonly called a “runner’s high,” the boost in hormones can be a healthy way to self-treat pain symptoms.


Exercise Requires Relaxation

After a session of physical activity, relaxation is necessary so the body may recover. Yoga is a great practice to control the breath and increase flexibility. Meditation is another great method for controlling the breath. And massage can decrease pain and increase flexibility. Which can once again, decrease chronic pain symptoms.


Electronic Imaging Studies

Chronic pain used to be very difficult to understand and measure. With some breakthroughs in imaging, researchers are better able to understand the origins of pain. And therefore develop a more targeted approach to therapy.


For example, the thalamus is the area of the brain associated with pain. By searching for increased levels of translocator proteins, researchers are better able to target the exact origins of pain.


This can lead to drugs that target the pain-producing process at its root. Instead of taking a shotgun approach to pain with opioids, these cutting-edge treatments could stop the pain at the source.


Brand New Class Of Drugs That Target Pain

Scientists have understood that many types of pain typically radiate from the spinal cord. Again, instead of taking a shotgun approach to pain, researchers have found a way to target a different kind of opioid locally.


Botulinum is combined at the molecular level to an opioid dermorphin. This derm-bot specifically targets the pain receptor sites in the localized area. Giving long-term relief from the pain of inflammation.


Even though this course of treatment includes the use of an opioid, it does not pose the same side effects. Localized injections do not pose the same risks of physical addiction or tolerance.


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