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Our Mission is to inspire a healthier community by creating a better quality of life for those in Pain. Inland Pain Medicine is a place where both Physicians & patients would refer their own family and friends. We work hard every day leading in our industry in making a difference through relationships and commitment. Through innovation, research and education, our vision will empower our community to live safer and healthier lives without pain.

Inland Pain Medicine Leaders

Inland Pain Medicine



Andrew Hesseltine, M.D., is the CEO and President of Inland Pain Medicine. He established his practice in 2002, which is now one of the most reputable Pain Specialty Medical Groups in our area today. Dr. Hesseltine graduated from Loma Linda University School of Medicine, where he completed his residency in Anesthesiology and fellowship training in Pain Management. He is Board Certified in both Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. In addition, his experience is remarkable. He served as Assistant Professor at Loma Linda University department of Anesthesiology, Medical Directorship for Multiple facilities, Toxicology Lab Director and is also recognized across the country as a speaker and educator for Intrathecal Pump & Neuromodulation. Today, Dr. Andrew Hesseltine serves as Chief Medical Officer leading our industry in pain care for the community and develops a customized program for each individual and their needs. Through clinical research as a principle investigator, he focuses on better outcomes. Dr. Hesseltine continues to perform surgeries along with clinical visits on a daily basis and enjoys creating a healthier community.

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Vice President

Melika Hesseltine, COO is Inland Pain Medicine’s Vice President. Leading this organization since 2004, she expands Inland Pain Medicine one department at a time, personally, to where it is today. She drives execution of strategies outlined directly by the CEO and delivers results on a day to day basis. Melika maintains business performances at all four facilities. She oversees the leadership team and manages the tactical and operational side of the corporation. She is instrumental in developing physicians and employees through processes and systems. Her mission is to give medical professionals the ability to improve patient outcomes. In addition, Melika serves on committees that help physicians. Mrs. Hesseltine offers a managing style that thinks outside the box. Her innovation and energy goes to creating new jobs. With her ability to transcend ideas into execution, Melika is passionate about healthcare and grateful the acquisition of knowledge it has given her.

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