Athletes need to continuously take care of their body to keep it in top condition, or they’ll suffer from chronic muscle pain. If left untreated, chronic pain can lead to the impairment of muscles. What can an athlete do to ensure muscle recovery when they are experiencing chronic joint and muscle pain?

What is a TENS Unit?

When it comes to pain relief, a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit can do wonders for temporary recovery to your joints and muscles. This simple electric nerve stimulation uses low-voltage pulses to help alleviate the affected areas of the body.

Safe, electrical pulses are released via electrodes to contract the affected area. As it contracts, the body relaxes and leads to the recovery of damaged tissues in your body.

Athletes can safely use a TENS unit and feel the immediate relief on their sore and tired muscles. With the use of this technology, relief is temporary and because no medication is utilized in the process, a TENS unit is one of the best alternatives for those seeking quick and safe muscle recovery.

Not only athletes can use a TENS unit. Anyone can use them from weekend warriors to laborers at work.

Here is how to best utilize a TENS unit:

  • Personalize Your Therapy – First, select the pain mode (i.e., lower back or arm) and then choose the intensity level. The programs are interchangeable and effective for multiple body parts
  • How Should It Feel? – When Is It Working? Expect variations of tapping, massage-like sensations or even mild muscle contractions. Always start with low intensity and increase slowly. If the sensation feels uncomfortable, decrease the intensity or change the program. If the sensation becomes weaker or disappears, increase the intensity.
  • How Long Should You Use It? – You can start with one 15-minute session. Always turn the unit off with pads still on. Rate your pain to check your progress, 1 low to 10 high. Stop therapy session if pain has reduced or stopped.

If  there’s a need for muscle pain alleviation, there’s a solution, and we can help. For advice from specialists with experience on using a TENS unit, give us a call at 909 887 2991.

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