Please join Inland Pain Medicine by supporting the Inland Empire communities and the 2018 Believe Walk presented by Starter Bros. Charities. Inland Pain Medicine is a proud sponsor of this year’s event. Check out our Team Page to learn how you can participate in the 5k/3.1 mile walk.

When you sponsor the Inland Pain Medicine Team, you are directly supporting the cancer-fighting organizations that help cancer survivors, cancer patients, and their families. Please take a look at our Team Page and consider donating what you can.

As a leader in medically-based chronic pain management therapy, Inland Pain Medicine is proud to support the Loma Linda Cancer Resource Center, the St. Bernadine Medical Center, Redlands Community Hospital Oncology, and Michelle’s Place.

As your local healthcare provider who specializes in chronic pain, we are no stranger to the struggles of cancer patients and their families. There are over 11 million cancer survivors today. We feel that it is more important than ever to take action. That’s why Inland Pain Medicine took on the role of sponsoring a Believe Walk Team. We know first hand what these dollars can do for the people of this community.

For over a decade, The Believe Walk has been raising money for cancer survivors, cancer patients, and their families. It started with just 1500 participants. Today, it has grown to over 12,000 walkers and supporters. And benefits not only women but people of all ages who suffer from all kinds of cancer.

If you know someone who is a cancer patient or a cancer survivor and like a powerful way to support them, please consider donating. Or, if you would like to remember someone who battled against cancer, please consider donating.

If you would like to learn more about how Inland Pain Medicine helps patients with chronic pain, give us a call at 909 887 2991 to set an appointment. Our team of medical professionals can guide you to the pain solution that best fits your needs. Spend less time managing your pain and more time living your life.

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