If you have ever felt the debilitating pain of chronic back pain, you are not alone. Chronic sciatica pain affects millions of people.

Once the chronic sciatica pain sets in, even little things can trigger symptoms. Sitting too long or standing too long can cause low back pain. Restless sleep is widely reported among patients. Even coughing or sneezing can bring pain symptoms surging to the surface.

Sciatic nerve pain is most commonly a symptom of an underlying low back disorder. Lumbar disc displacement, disc herniation and disc degeneration can all cause low back pain symptoms.

Causes Of Intervertebral Disc Disorders:

There are three main causes of Intervertebral Disc disorders. All can produce similar radiating lower back pain. And patients can even have a combination of all of the causes.

Obesity is one of the most prevalent causes of sciatica pain. The additional load on the vertebrae can cause compression of the disc leading to displacement or herniation. The displacement or herniation puts additional pressure on the nerve causing sciatica pain.

Smoking is another leading cause of sciatica pain. The chemicals introduced into the body have been proven to cause body tissue degeneration including vertebral discs. As the disc literally dry out and degenerate, they collapse and put pressure on the nerves. Causing low back pain.

Direct trauma is another cause of sciatica pain. Repetitive tasks that require heavy lifting or improper techniques can injure the vertebrae. This damage to the spine can then crush or herniate the discs. Therefore causing pressure on the sciatic nerve and causing pain.

Sciatica Pain Management:

There are several different pain management options for patients who suffer from sciatica pain. Since every case and every individual responds differently to treatment, patients may have to try several until they find one that works best.

Epidural Steroid Injections or TPI is a great method of treatment. A subdural injection of a steroid treats the inflammation and pressure at the source. Where NSAIDs and other oral medications affect the entire body, TPI works directly at the source of the pain. Many patients feel relief from this treatment option that lasts for more than 6 weeks. Even dry needle treatments have been proven effective (see acupuncture below.) Where oral medications only last a couple of hours. This is a great long term solution for many patients. And the risk of physical or chemical dependence is almost zero.

Chiropractic manipulation is another great option for patients with sciatica pain. A chiropractic adjustment is a way of releasing the tension from low back muscles and connective tissue surrounding the nerves. This modality of treatment can last for hours if not days. A chiropractor is also going to recommend proper posture and lifting techniques that will promote a healthy low back with practice.

Massage therapy may also be recommended by a chiropractor. Similarly, the manipulation of the low back muscle tissue has a positive therapeutic effect on almost all patients. Put simply, it feels good.

Acupuncture is the 4000 year old Chinese practice that gets positive results. Acupuncture works on opening up the energy flow in the body. And it has been approved by the FDA to treat sciatica pain. Very thin needles are inserted into various areas of the body to unblock and reroute the flow of energy in the body. While western medicine has not been able to explain it, the treatment still works and has worked for thousands of years.

Cognitive behavior therapy is a more permanent pain treatment option. Taking responsibility for negative thoughts and stopping them before they start to spiral out of control has been proven to have a lasting effect. Not only changing the thoughts at the moment of pain, but also negative thought patterns that lead to negative behaviors. Negative behaviors such as over eating and eating junk food that lead to obesity. Changing negative behaviors such as smoking. And changing negative thoughts and behaviors that make patients feel sick and tired.

All of these sciatica pain treatments treat the core issue of the pain. Meaning treating the intervertebral disc disorder that causes sciatica pain. While narcotics, sleep aids and antidepressants all have their place, they all also run the risk of chemical and physical dependency. And may not be any more effective than a placebo as far as relieving low back pain.

How can you be certain that you receive the best sciatica pain treatment plan for you? Your certified pain management specialist is here to help. Our medical professionals are experienced in a wide variety of treatment options. Give us a call at 909 887 2991 to set an appointment. Let us relieve the pressure and relieve your sciatica pain. And get back to your normal pain-free life.

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